Maison 21G Perfume Oil is a customizable scent solution that allows you to enhance your DIY perfume creations with pure, sustainably-sourced oils. Perfect for personalizing your signature fragrance, these oils can be added in varying amounts to adjust the intensity of your chosen scent. Beyond perfumery, the oil dropper can be used to refresh car diffusers, ensuring your spaces smell delightful. Committed to clean and ethical practices, Maison 21G's oils are free from harmful chemicals, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free, ensuring safety for both families and pets.
The Challenge : 
Create an elegant and informative packaging design for Maison 21G's Perfume Oil Refill in 35 scents that encapsulates the brand's luxurious image and commitment to sustainability and customization.
The Solution : 
The design is a minimalist yet sophisticated package that showcases the Perfume Oil Refill and the name of the scent below. The color scheme utilizes the specified Pantones, with metallic gold accents that convey luxury and a clean black font that ensures readability.
The packaging design features a clear window or cut-out to showcase the oil dropper bottle, accentuating the high quality of the product. On the back panel, there's a concise narrative detailing the oil's versatile uses, its pure ingredients, and Maison 21G's distinct approach to personalized perfumery. Icons and infographics demonstrate the product's varied applications and the ease of customizing scent strength, while environmental and ethical certifications are displayed to affirm the brand's commitment to sustainability for eco-aware customers. The package is crafted to be robust and user-friendly, incorporating a secure holder for the dropper to avoid any spills.​​​​​​​
Client: Maison 21G,
Service: Packaging Design

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