Lie x Maison21G Collaboration

With the timeless alpine glamour of Après-ski as the main theme for LIE’s 22FW, we’ve been excited to capture that iconic brisk ambience, calm forest, and warm and comforting afterglow in natural scents for this unique collaboration. We begin with Tea Temptation, a luxurious fragrance featuring the elegance of white tea leaves, zesty citrus notes, and the exceptional quality of Jasmine Sambac Absolu. Elevated by warming Tonka Bean, rich roasted facets are blended with the essence of tea, reminiscent of coming in off the slopes to a glowing fire. Leather Lust provides the perfect counterpart; an intensely sensual black leather accord, promising Vetiver Oil Java, the irresistible bitterness of Coffee Arabica Absolute Oil, and the heat and exoticism of Pepper Oil Black Madagascar. Together, these scents unveil an olfactive ambience reminiscent of winter forests, breathless adventures, and unrivalled sophistication. These natural and sustainable fragrances have been encapsulated in a signature Dual Crayon, our audacious and innovative product that embodies Maison 21G’s bold and uncompromising approach. With your Dual Crayon’s roll-ons, you are empowered to apply your perfumes one by one, or choose to blend them together on the skin to reveal an exclusive third scent. Now, it’s time to enjoy power of scent with fashion. 

We collaborated with one Korean brand, LIE and there was a runway show at Tranoi.
Palais Brongniart was filled with our scents.

Project Manger :  Kim Hyun Ji 
Collaboration with the M21G Korea Team
Creative Designer : Mara Bautista


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