JHLibiran Construction® is a premier real estate developer in the Philippines known for crafting stylish homes with advanced interior design services. They merge traditional values with modern aesthetics to create spaces that are both innovative and welcoming.

The company needed a logo that captures the essence of their brand—combining the elegance of design with the strength of their construction heritage. The goal was to integrate the initials "JHL" in a way that honors the family name behind the brand.
The final logo design weaves together the initials "JHL" with an abstract roof form, symbolizing shelter and the core business of construction. This emblem serves as a mark of quality and distinction, mirroring JHLibiran's dedication to building not just houses, but homes with character. The chosen colors and textures in the branding materials express sophistication and the premium nature of JHLibiran's services, ensuring a consistent and professional image across all customer touch points.

Client: JHLibiran Construction
Service: Branding Identity
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