Anaya Aesthetic Studio - Their primary goal is to become a leading example of excellence in the Philippines' aesthetic industry. They focus on a client-centered approach, exceptional care, and excellent results. The brand aims to make high-quality aesthetic treatments available to everyone, celebrating and enhancing the unique beauty of each person who visits.

The Challenge :
Anaya Aesthetic Studio, a new clinic in Metro Manila, Philippines, aims to establish a minimalist but appealing brand image for new customers. They strive for elegance while maintaining a playful and feminine vibe that's easy to connect with. Their main goal is to develop a complete branding strategy, including visual identity, print materials, and social media content and design.

The Solution : 
When designing Anaya Aesthetic Studio’s brand identity, I focused on the meaning of the name 'Anaya', which means 'God answers'. This profound meaning influenced every creative decision. The studio represents a space where aspirations in beauty and wellness are met with expert care.
In the logo, I chose clean, modern serifs to symbolize the studio’s commitment to providing elegance and simplicity in aesthetic treatments. The accompanying color palette I selected is an homage to the brand’s philosophy; it’s rich with earthy and neutral tones, evoking the diversity and inclusivity of beauty. Shades like mist and sage speak to tranquility, while blush and terracotta reflect the natural warmth.
For the print and digital elements, the textures and patterns I chose are a nod to natural beauty and the tactile feeling of wellness and rejuvenation. Our graphic elements, like the graceful wave lines, are reminiscent of the gentle flow of the sea, suggestive of the tranquility one finds at Anaya. In our typography, the interplay of serif and sans-serif fonts reflects a dance between the timeless and the contemporary, much like the dialogue between tradition and innovation in the studio’s services.
Client: Anaya Aesthetic Studio - @anayaaestheticstudio
Service: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction
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